My name is Vinay Mannem and I am currently a rising senior at The Woodlands College Park High School. I am a high school intern on the NeuroExo project. I have a strong programming background in Java and Python as well as experience working with microprocessors. Through my experiences with FIRST Robotics and Science Fair I have developed the skills necessary to become a strong programmer in the field. Aside from my programming skills, I also have exposure to Solidworks CAD and other engineering tools and technology. Working on a project like this one is an immense opportunity to develop and hone my skills while impacting society. I have always tried to bridge gaps between able people and people with disabilities with my belt for the blind and other science fair projects, but this project always me to contribute to society in an area of high academic standards which is an exciting opportunity. I believe that it is important for people to put their minds to helping lesser able people to gain new opportunities and that is exactly what this project is doing.